Security Services

* Network Security
* Email Security

The threat is real.

While the internet offers significant benefits, it is sadly accompanied with challenging security issues. Security threats are very serious and should never be taken lightly as any business of any type and size are all targets. They can hurt your business and can cost you serious amount of money.

Malware is absolutely no joke.

Businesses these days rely heavily on emails as an effective method of communication simply because it is practical and easy. Emails, however, are also an easy means to gain unauthorized access to your network in the form of suspicious and spam emails containing malicious information or documents using bogus email addresses.

These unsolicited and deceptive bulk emails usually contain attachments or links that when opened, secretly installs malware so attackers are able to breach into your system and can cause serious damage such as permanent data loss and identity theft.

Reliable care of your systems.

What you need is a dependable IT Solutions company to protect and secure your network to prevent downtime so you can focus on your business, not technology issues.

DPT Solutions can help you with that.

✓ Antivirus – As part of our proactive IT solutions, we keep your
antivirus licenses and definitions up to date to protect you from the
threat of new malwares unleashed everyday.

✓ Firewalls and Network Protection – Add another layer of protection and
stop virus from even entering your IT infrastructure with an inexpensive
solution with enterprise-level features.

✓ Content Filtering – Malwares are also often found on inappropriate
websites. Block your network from these inappropriate web pages and keep
your IT infrastructure secure using our content filter solutions which
allows you to restrict employee access from non-work related websites and
keep them focused on the job.