Managed Cloud Systems

What is all the fuss about the Cloud?

Nowadays, we hear Cloud Computing more frequently and it is becoming a popular choice by companies and individuals alike. But what is Cloud Computing? To put it simply, it refers to the processing, managing and storing of data over the internet instead of using a local server or a personal computer’s hard drive.

There are many reasons why companies whether big or small are switching to the Cloud. One good reason is to enjoy the convenience of accessing applications and files using any internet-connected device at any given time at any part of the world. It also offers superior data security and it reduces significant capital spending on software, infrastructure, and equipment.

Which Cloud is right for you?

o Private Cloud – Uses a dedicated cloud based environment for use only by
a specific organization.

o Public Cloud – Share resources with other users while maintaining
individual user data privacy.

o Co-location – Ideal for companies that prefer full control over their
equipment. Share a secured space in a physical data center facility to
house your valuable data.

o Office 365 – Increase efficiency and boost your business opportunity to
innovation from a fully managed Office 365 and take advantage of these
full-featured premium applications:
– Word
– Excel
– Powerpoint
– Publisher
– Outlook
– Access
– OneNote
– Skype